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Documents distributed to members
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Gallery 15
Snow in the Crescent

Gallery 53
Mini Bluebell Meadow in All Saints Road
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Gallery 96
LCA Garden Party, 10th September 2017
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To find out more, please contact the Chairman
Members' Information (archive)

Where information is redacted, details are available to LCA members on application to
Robin Kerr (Chairman) | Email

Click on these links to download Lansdown Crescent Association documents:
Association Constitution (as amended following 2017 AGM)
Lansdown Crescent Association Carol Book, current edition, December 2017
Consent Form for the use of images in Association publications

Data Protection Policy
What information does the LCA hold about its members, and who stores it?
The LCA Membership Secretary holds the names, addresses, and (where provided) email addresses of its members; the Treasurer holds the names and addresses only.
The Chairman holds an up-to-date list of email addresses for use only when the Membership Secretary is not available.
Why is this information required?
The only purposes for which the LCA holds this information are:

  • Administration of its membership list and of its membership subscriptions;
  • Communication with its members concerning its meetings, events, and projects;
  • Notification of B&NES, police, and other matters considered by the LCA Committee to have potential impact on all members;
  • Maintenance of specific lists of those members requiring notification of website changes, and/or requiring email distribution of the annual LCA Newsletter.

How does the LCA ensure the security of the information?
Information may be stored only on devices meeting the following security requirements:

  • The device must be password-protected, with the password changed every 90 days;
  • There must be a mechanism in place to prevent information being read off the screen by others when the device is unattended (e.g. a timeout);
  • The device must be kept updated re security patches, anti-virus, and anti-malware.

Any paper copies of information must be locked away when not in use.
How long is the information kept?
The information is kept until the Accounts have been adopted for the individual's final year of membership.
If the individual specifically requests removal of their information, this will be implemented within 14 days. In such a case, or if an individual does not consent to their information being stored in the first place, then unfortunately they will not be able to continue as a member.
How does a member find out what the LCA is storing about them, and how is the information kept accurate?
Members can ask the LCA Data Protection Officer for a statement of information held. They should advise the Membership Secretary of any changes. In either case the request will be implemented within 14 days.
What does each member need to do?
New members, and all existing members following adoption, will be sent a copy of the Policy and asked to confirm their acceptance of it in writing within 28 days.

Online payments:
For the Association's bank details, please contact
Stephanie Higgins (Membership) | Email

Joining part way through the year:
Subscriptions will be charged dependent on the date of joining, as follows:
1.Full price up to and including the date of the LCA summer party.
2.Half price from then onwards, except:
3.Anyone joining in December and attending the LCA Christmas party may pay in advance for the following year instead of paying a subscription for the current year.

Members of the Committee pick up litter from the area, usually the day after the rubbish collections, but it would be helpful if residents could assist with this.
If residents have problems with collections, please contact Council Connect (01225 394041).
A special request from the Committee, January 2015: if putting out polystyrene packing for collection, please bag this securely, as it is almost impossible to collect manually when it blows away.

Winter Provisions:
Each winter grit bins are installed at either end of the Mews. The grit is provided by the Association; we would ask that residents are considerate when using this facility, as only a very thin scattering of grit goes a long way. Please remember that the main Lansdown Crescent road is gritted whereas the Mews and Somerset Lane are not!

Following reports from residents of dangerous conditions, the Association has recently obtained agreement from B&NES for our pavements to be jet-cleaned on a regular basis, starting in the first week of February 2016.

LCA Committee Meetings
LCA Committee Meeting Minutes, 16 January 2018
LCA Committee Meeting Minutes, 7 November 2017
LCA Committee Meeting Minutes, 6 September 2017
LCA Committee Meeting Minutes, 19 July 2017
LCA Committee Meeting Minutes, 3 May 2017
LCA Committee Meeting Minutes, 10 March 2017
LCA Committee Meeting Minutes, 18 January 2017
Results of LCA Reserves Questionnaire, December 2016
LCA Committee Meeting Minutes, 23 November 2016
LCA Committee Meeting Minutes, 28 August 2016
LCA Committee Meeting Minutes, 25 May 2016
LCA Committee Meeting Minutes, 23 March 2016
LCA Committee Meeting Minutes, 13 January 2016
LCA Committee Meeting Minutes, 4 November 2015
LCA Committee Meeting Minutes, 1 September 2015
LCA Committee Meeting Minutes, 3 June 2015
LCA Committee Meeting Minutes, 11 February 2015

Information from Other Organisations
Federation of Bath Residents' Associations (FoBRA), (archive)
Recent FoBRA AGM and committee meeting minutes can be found here.
Robin Kerr (Chairman) | Email

Bath Preservation Trust,
The Association is a corporate member of the Bath Preservation Trust (BPT) and, in return, holds two tickets for its No.1 Royal Crescent Museum, which members can apply to use: contact
Stephanie Higgins (Membership) | Email

Bath and North East Somerset Council (B&NES),
Police and Crime Plan